Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant
Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hustle, Passion and Resiliency

Some posts will serve to provide bookmark to articles that I want for ready reference.

VC's, as part of their assessment formula, want to readily identify "unique intellectual property" in assessing a business opportunity. In more general terms they are looking for an "unfair competitive advantage".

Sometimes they fail to realize that "individual people" or "unique teams" can be that unfair competitive advantage if they have hustle, passion and resiliency. Kills the assumption that anyone can just "copy the business". This applies especially to a truly successful blog and any business model that may be associated with it, whether simply relying on AdWords to cover costs or demonstrating the passion behind a complete business operation. I keep in my RSS Reader blogs that I know I want to visit on a frequent basis because the author provides interesting, informative and provocative content -- from hish/her unique perspective.

Thanks to Alec Saunders for pointing this one out.

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