Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant
Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Off Topic: Therapy for Jon Arnold

Jon Arnold, a telecommunications analyst and consultant, is a Boston native who has been attracted to the vibrance of Toronto. However, he and I find a kindred spirit in following the Boston Bruins, for whom my neighbour's son is having an excellent rookie season. Jon has also a maintained his membership in the Red Sox Nation.

Last week, however, Jon felt betrayed by one of the most popular (now former) Red Sox team members. In fact, this betrayal was further enhanced when a picture showed up of a clean-shaven, short haired Johnny Damon. My comment at the time was that even clean-shavenness has its price and Johnny D. won't be showing up in any of those "priceless" Master Card ads.

Today, Frank Deford, in an article that originated in his weekly commentary on National Public Radio (audio) and republished in today's National Post (walled garden, access only to subscribers) entitled "Root for the Uniform" offers some therapy for betrayed RSN members as his departure "has thrown many fans' psyches into a veritable cocked hat". His advice: ".. Get over it." ".. Just instruct your children to root for the uniform, and never mind the coming and going of the incidental flesh and blood that fills it up."

Jon, if you are looking for a new baseball "Nation" to follow, you could have a look at all the changes being made in the Blue Jays this winter. Maybe the next pennant race will be in our own back yard.

And my neighbour's son scored two goals as the Bruins lost to the Panthers last night. In fact, since his first goal was "Brad Boyes from Brad Stuart and Brad Isbister", could one call this scoring play one by the "Bruins' Brad boys"?

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