Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant
Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Morning at Iotum

I had the occasion to visit with Alec and Howard at Iotum yesterday morning. In California you will find that many cars in employee parking lots have windshield covers placed immediately behind the windshield to keep out the sun's penetrating rays. In the Ottawa winter, especially during a freezing rain storm, you don't want ice to build up on your wipers, so notice how Alec (and just about everyone else in the parking lot) set up their wiper blades .....

On entering their office you are greeted not only by a highly enthusiastic and passionate team but also with reminders of what Iotum is about:

You can read about Alec's new Blackberry 8700r here and here. Alec gave me a full scale demo well beyond what he reported here. (I definitely want one.) But then Howard showed me his Black... uh ... Redberry; the only one in the world!

You wanted a closer look....

Of course they cannot talk about their product until after DEMO next week. Suffice it to say they were quite busy getting ready.

And you can read here about the reason for my trip to Ottawa along with the content of Alec's midnight email to me.

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